By: nexsoft | August 02, 2016

In this article, iOS application development team is sharing DIY tips to create a universal app- simple calculator. It will have all common features like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can make your own calculator by following this tutorial.

In this tutorial we will create a universal app - simple calculator, with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division functionality.

Starts with creating one single view application with product name “Swift Calculator”. In language field select swift language and devices field select universal. 

To design user interface open Main.storyboard file. Add one label on top of the main view to display the inputs by user. Create required outlet for label as shows in below screen sh...

By: nexsoft | January 07, 2016

Different wireless devices are now having different shapes and sizes in their storage. Well, one can say this depends on the relative size of the input methods, the computing speeds and also on the memory utility. Talking about all those vendor specifications, there are few APIs which are actually leveraging the operating system features. While, we talk about the ongoing radical changes in the diverse development tools, each and every vendor has its own tool kit which actually helps in constructing of the project management and also in the source-editing tools. The Java application development is tedious in its own ways which is nowadays very effective in testing of all the functions and also for the unique delivery of the system applicati...